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  Frequently Asked Questions  
Q: What kind of yachts do we deliver?

A: We deliver seaworthy, well-maintained, properly-documented and insured yachts that comply with all USCG regulations or other local regulations as applicable.

Q: Why aren't there any customer reviews on this site?

A: We prefer to have customers review their delivery on Facebook where reviews cannot be easily fabricated or altered. To read reviews please go to www.facebook.com/voortmanmarine

Q: Which documents will we need to see?

A: Before we commit to the delivery we will need to see copies of 1. boat registration or documentation, 2. insurance application, 3. insurance declarations page, 4. entire insurance policy, 5. captain's liability coverage endorsement or additional insured endorsement, 6. boat survey, 7. invoice for the latest hull cleaning and 8. invoice for the latest engine maintenance.

Q: Is the choice of surveyor important?

A: Yes. Beyond the immediate effect on the purchase price of the vessel, the quality of the survey is important for the insurance policy. Most marine insurance policies have an explicit or implied seaworthiness warranty at inception of the policy. Insurers can rightfully deny a claim because of a surveyor's mistake even if the surveyor's wrong conclusions or omissions were unrelated to the claim.

Q: Is good faith important when applying for insurance?

A: Yes. The law of marine insurance imposes a duty of utmost good faith. In practice this means filling out the insurance application meticulously avoiding the smallest mistake or omission, sharing with the insurer everything the owner knows about the condition of the boat and documenting the information exchange.

Q: Have we ever had an insurance claim during a delivery?

A: No, we have not.

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