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  Frequently Asked Questions  

Q: Why are our delivery fees so low?

A: The simple answer is that we thoroughly enjoy delivering yachts and doing so professionally at very competitive rates.

Q: What kind of yachts do we deliver?

A: Simply put we deliver well-maintained, properly-documented and insured yachts. Safety and respect of laws and regulations are very important to us. We only deliver yachts that are compliant with current established safety standards. We will not deliver boats with frozen through-hull valves, broken strands in the standing rigging or steering, cracked swages, defective bilge pumps, neglected engines with oil or diesel leaks etc. We also only deliver yachts that are properly registered or documented and that comply with all USCG regulations or other local regulations as applicable. We require yachts to have liability insurance from an insurance company able to issue a captain's liability coverage endorsement.

Q: Why aren't there any customer reviews on this site?

A: We prefer to have customers review their delivery on Facebook where reviews cannot be easily fabricated or altered. To read reviews please go to www.facebook.com/voortmanmarine

Q: Which documents will we need to see?

A: Before we commit to the delivery we will need to see copies of 1. boat registration or documentation, 2. insurance declarations page, 3. entire insurance policy, 4. captain's liability coverage endorsement, 5. boat survey, 6. invoice for the latest hull cleaning and 7. invoice for the latest engine maintenance.

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